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The Core Team

Our breakthrough was accomplished by applying our knowledge of several seemingly-disconnected areas of engineering to produce a new and powerful technology. Chris Grabowski and Tom Zamojdo have been engaged in car navigation projects for more than eleven years. The Virtual Cable™ was conceived in 2001 when they realized that a GPS-enabled Heads-Up-Display could be far more effective when reduced to just a single line, but only if such line was displayed in true volumetric 3D. Applying Chris's knowledge of advanced laser optics and Tom's knowledge of real-time computer software, they developed a commercially feasible design for a 3D HUDs. Chris and Tom reside in San Francisco.

Christopher Grabowski, CEO Christopher Grabowski is the CEO and the Chief Science Officer of MVS-California and principal inventor and designer of the Virtual Cable™ technology. The concept arose from his broad knowledge of several, seemingly disconnected areas of HMI design, optics and the physiology of human vision. Developing the Virtual Cable™ concept into a mature design required this specialized knowledge of advanced optical design, electrical and mechanical engineering, and laser physics. Chris's meticulous analytical talents and design skill were indispensable at The Clearing House in New York, where for eighteen years he had been a software engineer responsible for a complex real-time multilateral netting and settlement system which transfers over one trillion dollars a day between the major financial institutions worldwide. Chris is currently advancing many applications - Defense, Automotive and Medical - for the Virtual Cable™ technology.

Tom Zamojdo, CTO Tom Zamojdo is the Chief Technology Officer and co-inventor of the Virtual Cable™. He worked for 10 years at Bell Labs and Bell Communications Research where he met and worked with Myra Schulman on several large computer systems including network monitoring and security. Tom left Bell Communications Research to start a software engineering consulting company in North Carolina, which provided custom software solutions to such clients as Wachovia, Bank of America and Duke Energy. After eight years, Tom returned to New York to work with Chris on the Virtual Cable™ project.

Juliana Carnes Clegg, COO Juliana Carnes Clegg the Chief Operating Officer of MVS-California. Juliana Carnes has headed up West Coast and European operations for MVS-California. She is driving our pursuit of new markets such as Defense, Military, Commercial Trucking and Medical Device manufacture. Juliana has specialized in managing early-stage tech companies, collaborating with university research programs and developing new products. Juliana began her career buying software companies for a Taiwan-American venture capital group. Juliana subsequently co-founded an IT consultancy where she specialized in sales to international software companies and European ISPs, launching a VoIP SaaS provider along the way. Juliana has served on the Board and management team of a community nonprofit for most of the last ten years, creating partnerships between public and private stakeholders to deliver affordable healthcare to low-income patients. She is a fluent French speaker and a graduate of Kings College London and the London School of Economics. She lives with her family in Silicon Valley.