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Despite the prevalence of navigation systems in today's cars, surveys demonstrate that consumers find these counter-intuitive and stressful. The existing systems are measurably distracting, especially to mature drivers.

Into this challenging, rapidly-expanding marketplace enters the Virtual Cable™; the simplest, safest display for a car navigation system.

Drivers go where they want with confidence:

  • without having to estimate 500 feet to the next turn.
  • without turning down the radio to hear directions.
  • without searching for the next intersection on an unlit roadway at night.
  • without refocusing eyesight as they look from road to a map screen and back to the road again.
  • without searching for a number on a building or surrounding landmarks.

The Virtual Cable™ display is a factory-installed component option of the automotive navigation system that can be integrated with any method of route planning: voice interface, in-car instrument panel screen, portable map display system, cell phone, PDA, or PC. The interface between the Virtual Cable display and the route planning devices provides component independence: The route-planning devices can be upgraded or replaced and still maintain compatibility with the installed Virtual Cable display.

Portable alternative systems such as smart phones or portable GPS systems can be integrated with the Virtual Cable as potential partners, rather than competitors. These devices can be made to display Location Based Services (LBS) information to passengers, leaving wayfinding to the Virtual Cable system.

The Virtual Cable™ display does not alter the appearance of the car. As shown in the following illustration, the only hint of its presence is a fine mesh embedded in a transparent panel (1) in the dashboard in front of the driver. The color of the mesh may be set to match the appearance of the dashboard.  

Fig. 1 A car equipped with the Virtual Cable™ display (illustration)