Please see our 30-second video and read the summary below:

Our breakthrough true-3D technology lets you see (from a driver's seat of a car) a 3D guiding line or other 3D objects immersed into a real landscape. Imagine the opportunities our technology creates in car navigation, location based services (LBS) and many other areas like transportation, military, aviation, marine, emergency services, etc..

Of course we can't demonstrate full capabilities of our true-3D technology on a flat computer screen. For that you would have to see a demo in our car.

There has been a number of unsuccesful attempts by the industry to create 3D HUD technology suitable for the automotive market. We have shown our demo to a number of automotive companies and in their opinion our technology is the most compelling and far ahead of other developments in this field. Below is a comparison of our true-3D Virtual Cable™ technology with what the auto companies are currently able to offer their customers:

A comparison of our true-3D Virtual Cable™ technology with existing systems.

Unlike in 3D movies, no glasses are needed to see the image in true 3D, immersed into a landscape in front of a car. And since our images are just like images of real objects, they can be viewed for as long as one wants without any discomfort reported by many viewers of simulated 3D in movie theaters.

Just follow the line to your destination...

...or clearly notice an enhanced silhouette of a person crossing the road at night; see exact locations of available services (gas stations, restaurants, hotels, etc.); be better aware of road warning signs, etc.

As useful and compelling as it is, our display technology is a component of a greater vision.

The Internet has made the world smaller. So much in our lives now is about connecting with people and places. Despite the great advances in telecommunications, often there is no substitute for "being there" or seeing someone face-to-face.

We, at Making Virtual Solid, LLC, believe that casually and safely going places we've not seen before will become a big part of this newly connected lifestyle. Not just when walking in a city with a smartphone, but also when driving a car. People will be venturing beyond the Main Street far more often, for reasons big and small, free from anxiety of turning the wrong way, free from chores of today's navigation.

This new freedom will come when wayfinding, even at night or in poor weather, is no more stressful than following the Yellow Brick Road - and our Virtual Cable™ is even easier and safer to follow.

Magic can happen. We at Making Virtual Solid, LLC know how to bring it - today.

Our game-changing user interface, the true-3D enabling technology and our related software and Internet service offerings can help others in the LBS industry to reach the elusive goal of mass audience.

Navigation will not be just for emergencies any more.

And while our primary mission is to change the way millions of people will drive, we've found that our technology can also make a difference in transportation, military, aviation and marine


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