What is True-3D?

True-3D is our technology to display stunningly "out-there" 3D images at any distance in front of the car - as close or as far as needed.

Our images are immersed into the landscape itself, making them as natural and non-distracting as trees and houses, providing enduring comfort and an effortless, instinctive situation awareness to the driver. We achieve this by creating volumetric images and then projecting them to the driver using our specialized head-up display (HUD).

Volumetric displays are in their own league among various 3D imaging technologies. They are the only displays capable of showing 3D images so realistic that no viewer (and even no optical instrument) can determine if the observed 3D object is really where it appears to be or if this is just an image projection.

Of course we can't demonstrate full capabilities of our true-3D technology on a flat computer screen. However, one of its most important features can still be shown here. Our true-3D engine can produce 3D images that appear completely stationary to the ground:

The Virtual Cable™ perspective view changes in complete agreement with the landscape, giving the viewer surprisingly good depth perception even on a flat computer screen!

Because our 3D engine adds all the other depth cues that can't be shown in a flat video above (like biocular stereoscopy and focus distance) its depth projection can be stunningly compelling.

To make the accurate depth perception even stronger, the Virtual Cable™ can have some uniform features (in this case gaps) that may help some drivers understand and use the interface quicker. Such features are added only through software and therefore can easily be made controllable by the end user.

Our breakthrough in the volumetric engine design made our true-3D technology inexpensive and robust enough to be used in the automotive environment. Many other applications (military, transportation, aviation, marine, etc.) will also benefit from our 3D engine.

Unlike all other existing and proposed automotive 3D HUD designs, our true-3D imaging technology:

  • does NOT require any cumbersome features or immature technologies such as special 3D glasses, headgear, eye-tracking systems, holographic windshields, etc.
  • can provide ALL the 3D depth cues, all of them correct and in complete agreement with each other, just like depth cues of any real image; for example, normal head movements allow the driver to see the imaged object from either side
  • image position in the landscape is NOT affected by the car's or driver's motions, reinforcing the 3D perception of the exact image placement within the landscape (see Animation 1 below)

In addition, our 3D engine can produce high-definition images that are smooth, elegant, and, when needed, bright enough to be visible against a sunny sky.


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