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The Virtual Cable™ navigation in trucking has the same key benefits as in the passenger vehicles:

  • Safety; elimination of the inherently distracting and stressful characteristics of existing systems. See Safety.
  • Unprecedented ease of use; no need to look at a map or listen to or read directions, street names or road signs.
  • Very small map data footprint; allows for quick, real-time and automated updates even over a slow wireless connection, enabling automated rerouting of the truck based on current road conditions or congestion.

Other benefits specific to the commercial transportation:

  • Safely, easily and accurately navigate through complex and congested roads or streets; shows the required route very precisely, even “through” the vehicles obscuring the view ahead and gives the driver ample time to prepare for the upcoming maneuvers; allows selection of more complex and normally confusing routes that may be either shorter or faster.
  • Easy installation and seamless integration with the current fleet management systems; ability to re-route trucks without having to give verbal or written instructions to the driver.
  • Ability to safely and reliably use drivers unfamiliar with the delivery area or drivers who do not speak the language of the country in which they are driving; provides greater flexibility in hiring and driver assignments.

These benefits can translate into:

  • Considerable savings in fuel cost.
  • Reduction in driver’s costs.
  • Lower insurance rates and fewer accidents.
  • More reliable service.

The Virtual Cable™ displays for trucks and buses work just the passenger car units. The only major difference is their location in a vehicle, above the driver's head instead of uder the dashboard. 

Fig. 1  Example of the Virtual CableTM HUD display for trucks (illustration)

Unlike in cars, the Virtual Cable™ display do not have be factory-installed in a truck. After-market installation can be easy. The units can be seamlessly integrated with the current fleet management systems.

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